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About Cascade Quality Water in Eastern, WA

Cascade Quality Water was started in 1978 by George Ising Jr. After growing up in the water industry and working for his father for many years at the family's dealership in California, George decided he needed to strike out on his own.

George purchased an existing softening franchise in Wenatchee. In 1978, George was fed up with his franchise and the lack of quality in the products. Determined to find better products for his customers, he started Cascade Quality Water as an independent dealership. His commitment to treating customers fairly and honestly continues today.

Cascade Quality Water is currently operated by George's son, Trey Ising, a third generation “water man”. With a strong commitment to customer, community, and family, Trey has continued to push Cascade quality Water to become a great business.

Water conditioner - Quality Water in Wenatchee, WA
Currently Cascade Quality water is located in Wenatchee. With two interlocking areas of focus, bottling and delivering high quality drinking water and providing the best equipment and service in water treatment, Cascade Quality Water continues to grow and expand its customer base.